Unity Pavilion

Unity Pavilion is getting busy

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December is always a busy time for Auroville in general and Untiy Pavilion in particular. The still active monsoon cannot dampen the Christmas spirits. We have already started planning for Christmas celebrations and issued a call in the News & Notes for participation from the community. The response is good too.

But before the festive mood sets in there are important business to be completed…. It is selection time for the Working committees. So we are in for some high-energy activity at the Unity hall during 4-6 December. And there are many other events scheduled for this week such as Eco Service meeting, AV consultants meeting on sustainable habitats and community meeting on Entry Service Policy.

Work on Hall of Peace garden also is set to take off this week itself.


Author: unitypavilion

Working for human unity and peace through the building of a city - Auroville. The Unity Pavilion is the central organizing site for the planning and development of the International Zone of Auroville, where country pavilions are and will be built to represent the various countries, cultures, and peoples of the world. The Hall of Peace, still under construction, will also house the Asia Peace Table, one of four tables envisioned by George Nakashima, as a focal point in the work of establishing Peace on Earth.

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