Unity Pavilion

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Happy New Year Auroville 2016!

Let 2016 be a year when we all join in the responsibility to secure the land for Auroville – All of Us Together

Mother once said that she would rather have one rupee each from one million people, than one million rupees from one person. Imagine if by the 50th birthday we all together give her one million gifts of money towards buying the land of Auroville!

Inspired by the actions and persistent work of Aryadeep – Lands for Auroville Unified, MandakiniAcres 4 Auroville, SigridGreenAcres for Auroville, – the commitment of the Land Board to secure the Auroville land and Rakhals film on the land, there is a sense that we all should consciously join force with them. Not just in appreciation, but in action.

Already a fair number of Aurovilians are contributing towards the land on a monthly basis. Can we all come on board for this – with whatever amount can be offered regularly. Probably we can also give one-time gifts for special occasions, Birthdays – ours and others, Auroville’s Celebrations, or just for a Happy day and something that worked out well! From us, we can reach out in a wider circle to link up all support in India and all over the world – finding simple and uncomplicated ways of channelling funds and bringing people together in this effort.

We can also ask our restaurants, to advertise on their tables for an additional amount, maybe Rs.10/-, to add to the bill – going directly towards the land. Guesthouses can ask similarly – this way guests will participate directly. We can ask each Unit and Service, each account in Financial Service, to give an amount regularly.

We need to step away from judgement and sense of much or little and accept what each one feels free to give, then it will flow. It is not a showcase, it is not a pressure, its participation and collaboration, simply joining hands in love and gratitude for the possibility we have been given to participate in this great adventure.

The aspiration is to create a format which is easy to tick and which can be available on the net, by mail and also in hard copy at financial service. There can also be a graph on Auronet which shows where we are at, number of monthly donations as well as the amounts flowing in.

For this there can be multiple choice focusing on the three efforts to secure the land – the City Area – The Green Belt – or a general contribution towards All the Land – as well as the amount to be contributed on a monthly or one-time basis by automatic transfer.

It will be possible to tick several options as well as one-time contributions.

There is no limits of amount, up or down, which will allow everybody to participate joyfully, including children and youth.

 As we see, many Aurovilians already contribute regularly towards the land – It will be an incredible force if we all do it and gather all our outreach friendship and support into the action.

Let’s secure the land of Auroville, we can do it together, All of us!

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Christmas at Unity Pavilion

Christmas was celebrated in a grand way at Unity Pavilion. We had paper cutting sessions for children and adults. Some of the guests were so innovative and were cutting very beautiful and intricate designs. By around 5 pm the dancing session started. All guests danced around the tree to some fantastic Swedish numbers. Before that everyone had something to munch on – sandwiches, rice porridge and cookies. Later on the music session started with a core group singing Christmas songs. Guests also joined in to showcase their musical skills. All the guests received a gift as well – a paper basket of nuts, dry fruits and cookies. A really wonderful atmosphere indeed!

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Christmas is Nearing

The rains are gone for the time being. When they will return we don’t know. However, with just two weeks left for Christmas Unity Pavilion is bustling with activity. There are plenty of things to do. Like every year we have planned a grand celebration on 24 December. We’ll have paper cutting sessions to decorate the tree, songs and dance and some food too. We would love to have Christmas songs from as many countries as possible (live or recorded). Should be very interesting for children (of all ages). Right now we are adding to our collection of decorations.

One interesting programme coming up for the week is “A Glimpse of Myanmar” presentation by Joshua and Stephanie on December 18.  It should be quite informative! And after the presentation we get to learn some Burmese language also. Hope to see all Aurovillians and guests there.

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More rains….Unbelievable!

Already this part of the world has received more rains than we can expect for the entire season. And the met department has predicted even more rains for this week as well. Surprisingly all the repeated low pressure formations in the Bay of Bengal are bringing rains to the same area this year, ie Chennai and the adjoining coastal districts, which includes Pondicherry as well. We can only hope the already pathetic conditions prevailing in Chennai do not get any worse.

The selection process for WC and AVC members went very well at Unity Pavilion. Both the participants and the facilitators, which included our own Jaya, shared their satisfaction and appreciation of the way the process was conducted. Here is a link to the photos