Unity Pavilion

Christmas is Nearing

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The rains are gone for the time being. When they will return we don’t know. However, with just two weeks left for Christmas Unity Pavilion is bustling with activity. There are plenty of things to do. Like every year we have planned a grand celebration on 24 December. We’ll have paper cutting sessions to decorate the tree, songs and dance and some food too. We would love to have Christmas songs from as many countries as possible (live or recorded). Should be very interesting for children (of all ages). Right now we are adding to our collection of decorations.

One interesting programme coming up for the week is “A Glimpse of Myanmar” presentation by Joshua and Stephanie on December 18.  It should be quite informative! And after the presentation we get to learn some Burmese language also. Hope to see all Aurovillians and guests there.

Author: unitypavilion

Working for human unity and peace through the building of a city - Auroville. The Unity Pavilion is the central organizing site for the planning and development of the International Zone of Auroville, where country pavilions are and will be built to represent the various countries, cultures, and peoples of the world. The Hall of Peace, still under construction, will also house the Asia Peace Table, one of four tables envisioned by George Nakashima, as a focal point in the work of establishing Peace on Earth.

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