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Pongal Time

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At the beginning of the Year, in the Tamil month of Thai, Pongal festival is celebrated. It is a festival celebrated all over India, but with different names. In Tamil Nadu it is a three-day celebration. The first day is actually thanks-giving for the sun, which is the source of all forms of energy and life on our planet. In every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu, people from all walks of life come in the open to prepare “pongal”, a sweet dish with rice and jaggery, and offer it to the Sun God. The second and third day are for offering pooja to the cattle and the farmer respectively. Amidst his mechanised life in the city the city dweller pauses a while to remember and pay gratitude towards his brethren in the village who feed the whole world through his hard work and not so easy life. Let us all join in this prayer of the farmer for a good harvest this year!

Happy Pongal to All

Author: unitypavilion

Working for human unity and peace through the building of a city - Auroville. The Unity Pavilion is the central organizing site for the planning and development of the International Zone of Auroville, where country pavilions are and will be built to represent the various countries, cultures, and peoples of the world. The Hall of Peace, still under construction, will also house the Asia Peace Table, one of four tables envisioned by George Nakashima, as a focal point in the work of establishing Peace on Earth.

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