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Descent of the Supramental light

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Aurovilians know the importance of the date 29 February. On that day in 1956 the Mother seated in meditation at the Ashram was able to break the wall that was separating our earth from the Supermind and in a torrential flow the golden light rained on earth. The lucky few who were seated around her also experienced a silence and peace descending in their being.

Here is an account of one of the devotees of the ashram who was present on the occasion: http://sasp.collaboration.org/Feb29.html

The Supramental light since then on has been working on this earth and whether we know it or not it definitely influences our lives. We should always be receptive to it and open up our enter being to be transformed, divinised, by it.

Yesterday many Aurovillians gathered around the Table of Peace for Asia at 5 pm for a meditation and reawakening to the Supramental light. The program was led by Julian Lines and Miriam Belov who are members of the Nakashima Peace foundation and AV International. The Peace table as well as the Hall of Peace were fully decorated with flowers carefully chosen according to their spiritual significance. Mira Nakashima joined the gathering on Skype from New York and read out her father’s dream (regarding world peace and Peace tables as symbols of world unity). The Russian Peace Table team also conveyed their good wishes on the occasion.

A selection of flowers with ‘Supramental’ significance were displayed on a big screen and members from the gathering read out their significance. Later on Miriam Belov guided a group meditation aspiring for peace throughout the world. Melodious flute recital accompanying the guiding voice made it a divine experience altogether.



Author: unitypavilion

Working for human unity and peace through the building of a city - Auroville. The Unity Pavilion is the central organizing site for the planning and development of the International Zone of Auroville, where country pavilions are and will be built to represent the various countries, cultures, and peoples of the world. The Hall of Peace, still under construction, will also house the Asia Peace Table, one of four tables envisioned by George Nakashima, as a focal point in the work of establishing Peace on Earth.

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