Unity Pavilion


The Unity Pavilion attempts to run on a “gift economy”. The ideal and integrity behind the concept is participation and commitment, a way of working where money per se is not the deciding factor, but an element for enabling and making things possible.

We strive to have a friendly and generous environment with commitment – not a freebie situation, not tit for tat, but something which transcends that.

We often host projects that do not have the means to pay for the venue, but which do contribute with commitment to our Auroville society in other ways.

The Unity Pavilion also organizes and hosts events and workshops related to Peace and Human Unity, such as the work with the 12 Qualities or Aspects of the Divine Mother, Sourcing Our Oneness, etc.

Contributions to the upkeep and running of the Unity Pavilion are very welcome. All accounting is done through SAIIER and Unity Fund and fully transparent and accessible.

Contributions can be sent to Auroville Fund specified for “Unity Pavilion – General Maintenance”

To contribute now kindly follow the below links.