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Art for Land Exhibition cum Auction


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‘Beauty is his footprint showing us where he has passed’

The ART FOR LAND action is a land fundraising action and is entirely non-commercial. All art works have been donated in a spirit of generous gifting for Auroville’s land. Similarly, donation bids made by buyers are land donations to support a greater and inspiring purpose, and a shared cause.

ART FOR LAND is dedicated action for raising funds to secure a unified land base for the City of Dawn that is essential for Auroville’s integrity and full manifestation. All proceeds are land donations used for land purchase in Auroville’s Master Plan area.

Artists from Auroville, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, India and abroad have donated their art works. The works are distributed against donations whereby donors submit their donation offers for specific works of art. The 2018 collection of donated art works is currently on exhibition at Auroville’s Unity Pavilion. Reserving of artworks is possible by email via the website or at the Unity Pavilion.

The Art for Land 2019 Exhibition will take place from Friday 1 February to Friday 15 March 2019 at the Unity Pavilion.

Fro further details and for viewing the gallery please visit