Unity Pavilion

Hall of Peace

The aims of Auroville:
An effective human Unity
Peace upon earth.

The Mother

The Hall of Peace is  the home of the Peace Table for Asia, the third of six such tables envisioned and created by architect and wood craftsman George Nakashima, to be placed one on each continent. It was on  29 February 1996 the Table of Peace was installed in Bharat Nivas, Auroville. 

The intention of the Hall of Peace is to create around the Peace Table a simple and artistic collective environment that generates an atmosphere of peace, harmony, light and beauty which will inspire people to explore the depths of their own inner nature and Consciousness.  It will be a space for deeper dialogues, meditations and explorations into the nature and truth of Peace in all areas of life, where people can collectively be open to new inspirations and works to be done for the field of Peace and Human Unity in the future. For a brief history of the Hall of Peace and the Peace Table please click the link: History of the Hall of Peace and The Peace Table

The Foundation ceremony for the Hall of Peace in Auroville took place on 12 October 2008. 


On 28 February 2009, as the pillars of the Hall were completed, the Table was brought out for the day, placed on a bed of roses, and celebrated with a beautiful meditation on the site

Hall of Peace Newsletter 2009 

The construction of the building was completed and the Table placed there permanently on 11 February 2014.





Here is the journey of the Peace Table captured in pictures.