Unity Pavilion

Hall of Peace Events

The Hall of Peace was inaugurated on 11 February 2014.

Every Thursday evening between 4 and 5 pm interested people from the community gather for Healing and Peace meditation around the Peace Table.

Apart from this the Hall of Peace has been the venue for many special events/meditations, some of which are listed below.


21 September: International Peace Day Ceremony and Special Meditation

23 August: Working Committee members meeting

25 February : Peace meditation in the Hall of Peace to mark the 60th Anniversary of the descend of the Supramental Light



28 December: Koodam meditation

24 November: Commemorative (of a member of  AVI Spain) Meditation, Spanish Pavilion

21 September: World Peace Meditation

6 September: Noel’s Poetry book release

26 August: Koodam, (arbiters meeting with AVC)

9 May – Margarita, Colombian TV crew -HOP

8 April – Koodam Mediation, Elvira

9 March: Koodam Mediation

5 March: Koodam Mediation/Niva

9 January 2015: Koodam Mediation


26 December:Koodam Mediation and Training

21 October:  Wasteless program

4 September: L’aura meet

5/7/11 August: Koodam Mediation

25 July: Koodam Mediation

8 May: Ukraine Peace Meditation

18-19 April: Koodam Mediation

5-6 March 2014: Ukrain Peace Meditation

11 Feb 2014: Inauguration of the Hall of Peace