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The most important idea is that the unity of the human race can be achieved neither by uniformity nor by domination and subjection. Only a synthetic organization of all nations, each one occupying its true place  according to its own genius and the part it has to play in the whole, can bring about a comprehensive and progressive unification which has any chance of enduring.And if this synthesis is to be a living one, the grouping should be effectuated around a central idea that is as wide and as high as possible, in which all tendencies, even the most contradictory, may find their respective places. This higher idea is to give men the conditions of life they need in order to be able to prepare themselves to manifest the new force that will create the race of tomorrow.

                                                     The Mother, Collected Works Volume 12

The International Zone of Auroville aspires:c012tF

  • To participate in the realisation of Human Unity
  • To be connected to and to express the Soul of Humanity

The International Zone is an expression of the New Consciousness working for the realisation of the ideal of Human Unity which includes all nations and peoples contributing according to their own unique nature.

One of the central aims of the International Zone is to help the people of  each nation and their respective culture to become conscious of the deeper roots of their national, cultural and spiritual identity, of the Spirit and Soul of their unique existence and self-expression in the world, and how it relates to all of humanity while being open to the higher possibilities of self-identity and self-expression.     For each nation to  share their evolving identity with the rest of the world in a spirit of Human Unity  is the purpose of the work of the International Zone, so that we may realize a greater Unity in Diversity amongst all countries of the world.

In this spirit, the people of each country are invited to build their own National Pavilion in the International Zone as  a site for collective and individual research leading to a living understanding of the souls of nations, the essentials of each culture, the contribution of a Nation to the evolution of Humanity, the true places of each nation in the concert of humanity, and a new common culture on Earth to be born out of the true synthesis of all cultures in their highest.

The International Zone is not an exhibition or an area for casual visitors. The life in the International Zone is the life of concentrated effort to achieve the aims of the Zone in the context of Auroville.  This includes the vision of Auroville and the International Zone as being a living University of Human Unity.

Through the National Pavilions and through people interested and connected to the Auroville University, the International Zone will form a link of Auroville with the World and governments of different countries.

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