Links to Auroville Organisations

The Main Auroville Website

Auroville International Zone

AVNet (Site for Auroville community members, but some event listings for general public)

Auroville Information Site:

Land for Auroville Unified(LFAU)

Auroville Online Store (sells products made in Auroville)

Auroville International (find Auroville centers in other countries)

Find Auroville Guesthouses for your stay:

Savi Volunteer and Internship Program

International House (Dormitory for international guests)


Outreach Media

Brainfever Media Productions (Video and Multimedia Production and Post-Production)

The Auroville Online Television                                             

The Auroville Online Radio Site :

Sopanam Mediatrix (Films on Integral Yoga and Secret Knowledge)

Green Work – Farms, Gardens, Forests, and Eco-Technologies

Auroville Botanical Gardens

Solitude Farm (Permaculture and natural farming in community)

Auroville Green Practices (information on Auroville’s works in Green technologies)

Pitchandikulam Forest Bio-resource Center

Evergreen Convergence (Experiential environmental programs and forest community)

EcoPro (Effective Micro-organism [EM], eco-sanitation, and other ecological technologies)

Center for Sustainable Farming

Buddha Garden (Organic farm and educational center)

Sadhana Forest (reforestry projects and eco-friendly community)

Health, Sports, and Well-Being

Therapy and Workshops

Pitanga Cultural Centre

Quiet Healing Center (Health Spa  offering holistic and natural healing therapies)

Auroville Marathon (running every year!)

Awareness Through the Body (System of working with body-consciousness)

Auroville Retreat (Retreat programs for nurturing body, mind, and soul)

Vijnana (Integrative Consultancy and Research Institute for Natural Healing)

Auroville Health Services (Health care and education)

Sharan India (Health and food information; work with animals)

Tai Chi Inner Way School (Tai Chi practices and education)

Social Service Programs

Auroville Village Action Group (nonprofit working with the villages)

Life Education Centre (Providing educational training for Indian girls and women)

Thamarai Learning and Community Centre (Nonprofit organization that works with village youth, women, and community building)

New Colors (Grassroots organization working on education, empowerment, and sustainable community development)

Lively Community Endeavour (Trains local women in embroidery and tailoring and sells their products)

Arts, Music, Theatre and Dance

Auroville Art Service (Arts service for sharing the work of Aurovilian artists)

Auroville Film Festival

Svaram Music (musical instrument makers and music creation)

Auroville Tango

Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement in Auroville)

Auroville Performing Arts

Gallery Square Circle Kala Kendra (Arts exhibitions in Auroville)

Auroville Cultural Exchange (Using Indian classical dance to share and uplift culture)

Kenji Japanese Art Furniture (Auroville woodworking art furniture)

Ashesh Joshi Art Gallery (Paintings and Photographs)

Russian Singing Bells

Yatra Arts Foundation (Educational program through arts for local Indian children)

(This is not an Auroville organisation, but working closely with Auroville.)

Education and Schools

SAIIER (Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research)

Integral Yoga Auroville (Information on integral yoga philosophy)

Laboratory of Evolution (Experiments and researches in evolution of consciousness and cells)

LilaLoka Project (Resource center for children and educational researches)

Joy Living and Learning Center (Noviolenct communication training/research)

Deepanam School (Free progress school in Auroville for elementary aged children)

University of Human Unity

Savitri Bhavan (Center for studies and arts presentations related to the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother)

ONE ASIA Project (Presents Asia’s diverse cultural and spiritual contributions in an effort towards Human Unity)

Auroville Institute for Applied Technology (Industrial, vocational education training for rural youth)

Deepam School (School for children with special needs)

Mohanam Cultural Centre (Centre for sharing cultural and spiritual activities and diversity)

Auroville Language Laboratory (Language education and research)

Kolam Institute of Open Technologies (Education and training in open-source technologies)

Unity Kolam Ceremony (Historical event information on special unity kolam)

Wisdom Splendour (Educational resources on Integral Yoga)

Auroville Bamboo Center

Evergreen Horses (Natural Horsemanship School) 

Red Earth Riding School (Horse riding school and education)

City Services and Technology

Auroville Water Harvest (Center for water resource management and research)

EcoService Auroville (Solid waste management and recycling)

Varuna Auroville (Renewable energy and sustainable water projects for Auroville’s future development)

Aurore (Auroville Renewable Energy)

Auroville Wind Systems (Production of wind generators and hybrid systems)

Aqua Dyn Auroville (research and products for water purification)

Cynergy Software Auroville (Web/internet business unit in Auroville)

EV Future (Electric vehicle production, services, research and information)

Penta Services (Website construction and design services)

Sound Wizard (Acoustical design and consultancy)

150dpi (Website design and online marketing services)

EcoTeco Pools (Swimming pool design and construction)

Aureka (Metal workshop which manufactures equipment for sustainability)

Architecture, Building, and City-planning

L’Avenir d’Auroville (Auroville’s town planning and development council)

The Earth Institute (Earth-based Architecture)

Auzolan Constructions (Low-cost housing and wastewater management)

Auroville Design Consultants (Architectural design consultants)

Auroville Centre for Urban Research (Integral urban research, planning and development)

BuildAur (Images of building projects and experiments)

Shama Dalvi (Aurovilian architect website)

CADD Studio Auroville (Professional architectural services)

Clothing, Fashion, and Home Accessories

Upasana (Fashion design and other products mixed with social responsibility)

Rangoli Auroville (Fashion design studio)

Imagination (Handloom weaving, natural soaps and other craft products)

The Colours of Nature (Textile production: eco-friendly, natural)

Miniature (Fashion Design)

Auromics (Fashion design and production utilizing hand-stitching methods)

Auromode (Fashion garments and accessories using traditional methods)

Gecko! (Fashion design and production)

Filaure (Tailoring with natural fabrics, especially children’s clothing)

Food Industry

Auroville Coffee Ideas (Coffee business unit in Auroville)

Naturellement (Gourmet food products made in Auroville)

Books, Paper and Publishing

Auroville Press, Publishers, and Papers (Professional book printing, publishing, and handmade papers)

Papyrus (Stationery products using handmade paper, and printing services)

MAgzAV (Art and Culture Magazine)

Vanaville (Bookbinding services and other hand-bound book products)

Peace Handbook (A manual on peace education for children)

Crafts, Pottery, and Sculpture

Mandala Pottery (Kitchenware, tiles and mural pottery creation)

Mantra Handmade Pottery (Various pottery products)

Shradanjali Auroville (Handicraft products utilizing flowers and foliage)

Health Care Products

Maroma (Production of fragrances, body care, candles, incense, and other herbal products)

Bon Auroville (Bio-organic and natural skin care and health products)

Mystique (Industry that produces various products made in harmony with nature and environment)

Other Areas

Eye See (Postcards and photography work)

Inside India (Auroville travel agency)

Avitra (Auroville International Translators – language translation services)