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2016_03_03_interview_anusuya_kumar_on_h_english_2An interview with Dr. Anusuya Kumar who made a wonderful presentation at Unity Pavilion, Auroville on 1 March 2016, based on her meticulous research work on Johannes Hohlenberg’s (1881-1960) encounter with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. (the actual presentation can be heard here



Report in the Hindu on the Peace meditation held in the Hall of Peace on 26 February 2016

Video of the event


Management Perspectives from Savitri: A 100-Minute Dialogue


zackaria“The Return of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan”

Short Story by Zackaria Moursi

The author writes: This represents a new phase in my continued work of bringing the Light of Sri Aurobindo and Mother to the Arabic reader. In this new phase, I try to channel the Light without specifically mentioning the names of Sri Aurobindo or Mother. I try rather to remind the Arabic readers of the best and most spiritual aspects of their own tradition.


Tamarai Learning and Community Centre



AVI US fall 2015 newsletter (This issue contains an interesting article ‘Working with the Peace Table’ by Jaya :AVIUSA Connect Issue 4





12189878_914136035306091_52909236459967841_nReport of the 25 October 2015 event ‘Sourcing Our Oneness – An Exploration of Harmony’ that took place at Sharanam:





_86799747_gerogeandmiraMark Tully’s article on George Nakashima’s early-life experience in a Japanese internment camp during World War II:



TheMother1Zackaria Moursi’s Anthology from the Mother in Arabic:

The author writes: Readers who know both English and Arabic will find it more convenient to read the book in the “Two Page View” of their Adobe Acrobat reader. This View enables them to see the English text on one side and its Arabic translation on the opposite.




Report in the Hindu on International Peace Day Celebrations at Unity Pavilion on 21 September 2015:


Unity Kolam Ceremony on 28 February 2008