Unity Pavilion


Auroville belongs to “humanity as a whole” and is meant to be “a place of unending education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages.”  It is with this Spirit that people from around the world are invited to participate in the adventure of Auroville.  As a place of constant experimentation in discovering new ways of living and experiencing life, volunteers and guests from around the world are welcome to offer their services, knowledge, wisdom and experience to help manifest this evolving ‘city-in-the-making.’

Auroville offers experience and applied research in all the areas of life, whether it be with art, agriculture, architecture, technology, ecology, spirituality, health, education, economy, music, theater, and much more.

visiting1If you want to visit Auroville and learn more we suggest you come for a stay of minimum one week. Please contact Auroville Guest Service for information and accommodation.

Ph: 0413-2622675

Email: avguestservice@auroville.org.in



If you are looking for volunteering and internship opportunities in Auroville, please visit the Savi website at:


e mail: study@auroville.org.in


If you are interested in joining the Auroville community please contact the Entry Service for more information:



For visiting the Matrimandir kindly send an e-mail to  mmconcentration@auroville.org.in





To stay in touch with the extended network of Auroville

Login to  http://newsletters.auroville.org 



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