Working for Peace and Human Unity


Aspiration One must have a fixed and unfailing aspiration, vigilant and constant – an aspiration of the entire being – an aspiration that takes hold of you completely, an aspiration to unite with the Divine… to give oneself totally to the Divine, not to live outside the Divine Consciousness, so that the Divine may be all in all.

Beyond words, above thoughts the flame of an intense aspiration must always burn, steady and bright.

CWM 14:78

What is exactly meant by a sincere aspiration? An aspiration which is not mixed with any interested and egoistic calculation.

CWM 14:75

If you are in a state of conscious aspiration and very sincere, well, everything around you will be arranged in order to help in your aspiration, whether directly or indirectly, that is, either to make you progress, put you in touch with something new or to eliminate from your nature something that has to disappear. This is something quite remarkable. If you are truly in a state of intensity of aspiration, there is not a circumstance which does not come to help you to realise this aspiration. Everything comes, everything, as though there were a perfect and absolute consciousness organising around you all things, and you yourself in your outer ignorance may not recognise it and may protest at first against the circumstances as they show themselves, may complain, may try to change them; but after a while, when you have become wiser, and there is a certain distance between you and the event, well, you will realise that it was just what you needed to do to make the necessary progress.

CWM 6:176