Working for Peace and Human Unity


The very first necessity for spiritual perfection is a perfect equality…. The perfect equality of our Spirit and nature is a means by which we can move back from the troubled and ignorant outer consciousness into the inner kingdom of heaven and possess the Spirit’s eternal kingdoms of greatness, joy and peace….



The more a person is quiet in front of all occurrences, equal in all circumstances, and keeps a perfect mastery of himself and remains peaceful in the presence of whatever happens, the more he has progressed towards the goal.

The Mother



Equanimity and peace in all conditions, in all parts of the being is the first foundation of the yogic status. Either Light (bringing with it knowledge) or Force (bringing strength and dynamism of many kinds) or Ananda (bringing love and joy of existence) can come next according to the trend of the nature. But peace is the first condition without which nothing else can be stable.

Sri Aurobindo


















Immutable peace and calm

Iberis. Several colours