Community Meetings 2016

Welcoming the New Secretary of AV Foundation:June 21, 2016


26: Create Auroville Together (CAT 5) : Auroville Charter

20: General Meeting on Entry Policy

19: Create Auroville Together (CAT 4) : Economy

10-11: Workshop on NTDA and Land Protection

9: General Meeting on appeal process

8: Create Auroville Together (CAT 3) : Auroville Charter

2: General Meeting on Entry Process called by RAS


29: General Meeting called by Working Committee

22: Create Auroville Together (CAT 2) : Economy

19: Active Residents Assembly meeting on housing

14: Create Auroville Together (CAT 1) : The Forgotten City

3: Welcoming the new members and thanking the out-going members of WC, AVC and FAMC


21-23: Selection Process for New members for WC, AVC and FAMC


19: Presentation of Land Use Plan – L’avenir, Sauro

15: ARA workshop on implementation

13: General Meeting on Decision-Making Process

10: Auroville Outreach Activities: Community Learning Event by ACI

8: Farewell to the Governing BodySeptember

6: General Meeting on AVC and TDC

3: Auroville Retreat


31: General Meeting on AVC

22: ARA Meeting on Housing

19: General Meeting on TDC organised by AVC

18: AVC Self-assessment session

9: General Meeting organised by Working Committee

6 : Half-day retreat with LB, FAMC, L’avenir, Auroville Council and Auroville Village Action Group organised by Working Committee

3: ARA Meeting on Housing


21: Welcoming the New Secretary of AV Foundation


19: Program by Russian Pavilion

15: General Meeting to discuss Kalpana Project


24: New FAMC Mandate & new ES Policy, AVC

22: RAS- Manifestation on the Way Forward


22: General Meeting on FAMC