Seed Mantra Musical Meditation Workshop in the Dome

“The universe plays her miracles to perfection, and Peter Pan unveiled this beautiful creation of the geodesic dome. Tinkerbell and her flock of fairies shimmered the ‘OM Dome’ with pixie dust rendering a magical invocation of this serene space nestled in the garden of Unity! 
Ah! What a serendipity! Just when a transformative journey had built her nest in my being for 6 months at Auroville, and silently an inner vision had taken shape through a reinvention of life; boundless bliss showered her grace through the cosmic geometry of life, so beautifully woven into the dome.
‘OM Dome’, a wonderful space where we experienced a timelessness trance, as we tuned into our energy centres during the seed mantra musical meditation workshop, in synchrony with that of the unified universe :)”