2017 Community Meetings


23: Silent Presence Keeper’s meeting

22: General Meeting on Line of Goodwill project

18: Welcoming WC, AVC, FAMC members

11: Sharing with the community – International Zone


13: General Meeting on Hive/pumphouse

3-5: Selection Process for WC, AVC, FAMC

2,11: Silent Presence Keeper’s meeting


23: Information-sharing meeting with the community by FAMC and WC

20-22: Selection Process for TDC

17: Prosperity Follow-up Meeting

14: Aspiration Program Mentor pool Workshop

6: CAT Meeting


26: General Meeting on FAMC

25: Meeting of 50th Anniversary Core Team

19: CAT Meeitng

13: Koodam Meditation in HoP

5: CAT Meeting


26: General Meeting on Entry Policy

13: Welcoming the new Governing Board members


30: Potluck for volunteers organised by Savi


11: General Meeting on Entry Policy

8: General Meeting on Mitra


29: General Meeting on ALA called by AVC

28: Potluck for Volunteers

24: General Meeting on Town Planning

22: Meeting of the pool of arbiters and AVC

21: CAT 13 Workshop


31: Meeting of the pool of arbiters and AVC

30: WC receives Peace Award

21: CAT 13 Workshop

18: Meeting of the Pool of Silent Listeners

17: Community meeting called by BCC

16: General meeting (TDC restructuring)

12: Restorative Dialogue Across Cultures

10: CAT 12 Workshop

9: Follow up on Restorative Circle Pumphouse – Hive project

3: CAT 11 Workshop


21: CAT Workshop


24: Session on Economy:AVC

22: CAT on Economy: Jean-Francois Noubel

21: Farm Festival by Farm Group

18: ALA Meeting

17: CAT

15: CAT – Collective Intelligence for Evolutionary Transformation with  Jean-François Noubel

14: Restorative Dialogue Circle Meeting

12: CAT on Economy: Jean-Francois Noubel

07: General Meeting on Land Protection Called by WC