2018 Workshops and Seminars


25: Consciousness as Medicine: Workshop by Dr.Yogesh Mohan

18: Sharing session with Birthing the New Humanity Conference participants

12-13: Happiness workshop facilitated by Min

9-11: Stewardship Workshop Stage 1

5: Interactive session with a group of Swiss architects (organised by AV Consultants)


7-9: Stewardship Workshop Stage 2

4: Interactive session with Monica Sharma for Auroville educationists

3: AV Consultants meet Monica Sharma

1,2 : Alumni session for Stewardship Workshop


31: Alumni session of Stewardship Workshop

24: Session with African Pavilion Group in the Hall of Peace facilitated by Jaya

13: Inspire to Speak – Workshop by Jesse

11: ‘Know your Plastics’ –  Seminar and presentation by Ribhu


4-6: Exploring Auroville Architecture: Workshop by Auroville Consultants


7: Exploring Auroville Architecture led by Jaya


18: The moon inside you – Program on menstrual hygiene by Ecofemme

26: Seminar on Holoenergetic by Marie Claire

13-15: Stewardship for New Emergence workshop for Auroville employees

12: Group visit by dream camp

2: Improvised theatre workshop for Grown-ups

1: Improvised theatre workshop for children


28,29: Cross-cultural Dialogue on Discrimination

27: Speak to inspire: Coaching session by Jesse

20, 21: Group visit by Sacred Groves volunteer group

1-3: Stewardship for New Emergence Program in Tamil for Auroville employees


21: ISOTAI the international associations of auditors : Meeting organised by WC

21: Special Sound bath

16: 1-day workshop on financial instituitions by Jaya

13: Volunteer introduction program at the round table

10-11: Seminar on holoenergetic Level 2 by Marie Claire Barsotti

7, 14,21, 28 : Sound bath by Svaram

5: Presentation on 12 qualities

5: Line of Goodwill meeting

3,10,17,24: Silent Mind – Integral Yoga Practice Session with Manoj Pavitran

2: Sourcing our oneness program


28: Installation of the seven chairs around the Peace Table in the Hall of Peace

21, 22: Finding of the Soul; Savitri’s Yoga: Two Talks by Loretta

9: Documentary film show on Connection to Earth

7, 14,21 : Sound bath by Svaram

6: Presentation on Land by Sigrid

5: Lecture on Human Unity by Sehdevkumar

4: Creative Writing Workshop with Francesca

3,10: Silent Mind – Integral Yoga Practice Session with Manoj Pavitran

1: Group Visit by Architecture Students


29: Exploring Auroville Architecture Group visit of Architecture students organised by Auroville Consultants

26-28: Integral Paradigm of Knowledge Workshop by University of Human Unity

12, 18: Presentation by Aparajitha

8: Yoganidra by Veronik

7: “Consciousness as Medicine”: Seminar and discussion by Yogesh

3: Presentation on Land by Sigrid

3,10,17,24,31: Sound bath by Svaram