Unity Pavilion

Our Research

Unity Pavilion supports research on topics such as Human Unity, World Peace, East-West Relations, Sustainable Development and Human Potential.

From time to time the Unity Pavilion Team organizes events related to Human Unity, Unity in Diversity and World Peace. Preparing for such events is a very satisfying and fulfilling experience for the team members when they do some in-depth study on the event-related topics. Making compilations from the writings of great spiritual leaders –  particularly the works of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo – on topics of interest for humanity as a whole, and specifically for spiritual seekers, and also putting down our own thoughts into words etc. are all part of this. 

Here we present some of the topics on which the Unity Pavilion Team had done some work and would like to share it with all.

The Twelve Qualities of the Mother

Honouring Participation in the Creation of Auroville