Unity Pavilion

Honouring Participation

This is a space to honor all those people who have participated in the building of Auroville. This is about recognizing and holding our past. Presented here are information, photos and small stories where appropriate about all the people who are not here with us, but who have participated in building Auroville.

The idea is that this will cover all we can find from the beginnings of Auroville forward, including the people who have worked for and in Auroville, children who were born here etc.  people who have passed away, but also people who were here and now are somewhere else in the world:  a celebration of all this participation which is part of our foundation.

Seyril Schochen

Saravanan N

Sharanam (Maria Desamparados Aznar Arce)

Savita Jhunjhunwala

Yolande Lemoine