Working for Peace and Human Unity

⋆Happy Christmas and A Good New Year 2016!⋆


Dear Friends,

Going towards Christmas and the New Year of 2016, we warmly invite you, along with our very best wishes for the coming year, to build with us the much needed Utility Facility at the Unity Pavilion.

As you are aware, the Unity Pavilion has become an essential hub of interaction for a value-based organization shift in Auroville’s collective participatory processes in which members learn to support each others’ dreams and visions, intensively working toward the realisation of Human Unity, Unity in Diversity and Peace – deeply inspired by the Vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

The  by now 15-years ‘piecemeal’ mode of construction of the  Pavilion project has brought us to a situation where we have a wonderful facility very much in use, but without basic utilities.

Considering that we regularly host three-day workshops with up to 200 participants, and events including fund-raising dinners for 150–250 persons, open our offices

every day for ad hoc occurrences and that some 30 to 150 people may use the building on a daily basis, you may be appalled to realize that we have only 2 toilets, one Western and one Indian, no laundry space

and no proper storage for materials such as exhibition stands, workshop tables, materials belonging to pavilion groups etc. (A palm leaf  storage hut which has been used to store part of these materials is by now falling apart after 15 years use, termite attacks and very heavy recent rains.)



Auroville is very busy with preparations for its 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2018 and it is an absolute necessity that the above mentioned basic amenities be in place for the enormous amount of activities that will be hosted by the Unity Pavilion during that year.


So we warmly reach out to you to please join hands with us and make it possible to complete this building within the coming year.


The amount needed for the construction of the Utility Building (total built plinth area 79m2 + veranda 25m2):  Rs 27,00, 000 / US$ 45,000/ Euro 37,350.

For tax-free donations in the USA

Contributions can also be sent through Auroville Fund specified for “Unity Pavilion – Utility Building”.


With Love and Joy,

Jaya and Shivaya, for the Unity Pavilion team