Working for Peace and Human Unity

Seating around the Peace Table

The Unity Pavilion project with the Hall of Peace is a hub for interaction and expression of human unity and unity in diversity. As the project activities expand and the work connecting the Peace Tables of Asia, America, Africa and Europe takes off, it will find its place not only in the Auroville context but on the National and International arena.

            The Hall of Peace with the Peace Table provides a space for dialogue, for being in silence together, as well as for healing through coming together, for forgiveness, for finding agreements and for joining together in aspiration for peace whenever there is conflict: conflict amongst individuals and conflicts amongst peoples and nations. The objective is to keep at heart the crises in many places of the world today – be it armed conflicts, economic or natural calamities, or threats to environment or health – while aspiring for peaceful coexistence of all nations and cultures.

Though the Hall of Peace was inaugurated in 2014 along with the installation of the Peace Table, there has been an ongoing search for a beautiful seating arrangement around the Table. This year it was decided to fund-raise for the means to buy eight Connoid Lounge Chairs from the Nakashima Workshop in new Hope, USA. The Nakashima Peace Foundation has generously offered to donate more than half the cost as well as the shipping expenses to India. Even then quite a large sum needs to be raised; but we are all in agreement to go ahead, with the assurance that the funds will come.

chair4chair image2

The total cost for the eight chairs is US$ 22,400 and excluding the contribution of the Nakashima Peace Foundation, the sum needed is Rs 6,61,050/ US$ 10,000/ Euro 9,380.

Contribution can be sent to Auroville Fund specified for “Unity Pavilion – Seating around the Table of Peace”



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