Working for Peace and Human Unity

Multilanguage Translation System

From the beginning there has been the effort to have the Unity Pavilion technically equipped to an international standard, something that can be very challenging in a semi rural Indian setting.

  • With generous support from the Fund of World Education, USA, we have in 2013 been able to install a good sound system; in 2014 an electrical screen and overhead projector were installed too.
  • Thanks to the devoted work of JV Avadhanulu and Chandresh Patel we will soon be connected to the optic fiber cable network in the International Zone area and will have access to the National Knowledge Network.
  • The natural next step is to install a simultaneous translation system, to be used for community meetings, workshops and lectures. There are presently people belonging to 48 Nationalities present, as residents, in Auroville; and if we include volunteers and guests the number would be much higher. English is the main language used for communication, but we have other language groups whose expression as well as understanding capability of English language is rather weak. Some of these groups include Tamil, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Korean and Chinese.
  • To purchase and install a Beyer Dynamic simultaneous translation system in the Unity Pavilion. The aim is to increase understanding, communication and participation. Bring Equality into language exchange, build confidence in participation. Implement the ideals of human unity and unity in diversity. Step 1 will cover two languages for 30 participants. Step 2 will cover two more languages and a further 30 participants.

Total Cost of the project:

Step 1:  Rs 6,59,194, Euro 8,240, US$ 10,987

Step 2:  Rs 4,52,274 , Euro 5,653, US$ 7,538

Contributions can be sent to Auroville Fund specified for “Unity Pavilion – Multilanguage Translation System”

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