Working for Peace and Human Unity

Utility Facility

Programs taking place at Unity Pavilion can vary from meetings which just involve a few people to workshops catering to up to 200 persons and cultural events where more than 300 people assemble, often overflowing from the main hall on to the front courtyard. The space is maintained beautiful and friendly and after any event one can be sure that people stay around, sitting together talking under the wisdom-tree in the front courtyard.

  • Presently there are only two toilets for the use of people who work on a daily basis and visitors for events and workshops. At times even 250–300 people assemble for an event!
  • There is very little storage space in the buildings. There is a need to store materials such as 250 chairs for indoor use and an added 50 chairs for outdoor use, 100 large cushions +50 small cushions, about 20 tables which are used for work in small groups during workshops, 12 exhibition panels plus a number of other items needed for workshops, presentations and events. We also house materials belonging to pavilion groups that do not have a space of their own like the Kazakh yurt with its wooden frame and fabric cover, just to give an example. The life of our temporary palm-leaf storage hut in the garden is coming to an end and we need to focus on a proper solution for storing materials.
  • No laundry place exists at present; the washing machine stands outside under the overhang of the Hall of Peace. With the garden soon going to be completed and in use, this solution is not acceptable anymore.


With the increase in activities and events, we are being faced with the challenge and need of smooth running of the facilities. To answer this, a utility facility needs to be added with sufficient toilets/bathrooms, proper storage space, and laundry space.

Also the construction of the cycle shed is yet to be completed.

For construction of the utility building and cycle shed fund requirement is as follows:

Utility Building (total built plinth area 65 m2 + veranda 25m2):

Rs 27,00,000 / US$ 40,250/ Euro 36,500

Cycle shed:

Rs 3,00,000/ US$ 4,480/ Euro 4,060

Contributions can be sent to Auroville Fund specified for “Unity Pavilion – Utility Facility”

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