Working for Peace and Human Unity

Event Calendar March, 2016

1 March: Presentation on Hohlenberg by Anusuya

2 March: Auction of art objects for Fundraising for the Land for Auroville project

3 March: Peace and healing meditation

4 March: WC general body meeting

6 March: News of Life and Dancers of Life – Philippe

9 March : Sound Bath/ Unity Journey – Svaram

12, 13, 14 March: Stewardship Workshop led by Monica Sharma

15 March: Debrief of Monica Sharma’s workshop

21 March: Savi Presentation – Bhoomi

22 March: Student Practicum Workshop, AV Consultants

22 March: RAS- the Way Forward 


24 March: AVC Meeting

24 March: Healing and Peace meditation, Hall of Peace

25 March: Sacred Grooves presentation-Josepa

26 March: Zeitgeist Day – Presentation by Jerry followed by dinner

 27 March: LIGHT BODY – SOUND BODY, Svaram

All Thursdays 5-6 pm Healing and Peace meditation in the Hall of Peace